• AleksandrStefan

    -Background of the Ex-Military Raiders.

    Soon after 2055, when all US public shelters were open, the Provisional US Goverment tried to establish a small amount of independent battalions which could explore large parts of the Wasteland without returning to their bases in a long time. The first units to be transformed into long-range reconnaissance battalions were the remains of some USMC Stryker Task Forces which were hidden in large underground bases prior to the nuclear war. 

    Since APC Strykers were easier to maintain and use, plus they were specifically designed for urban combat(including in large cities like Los Angeles), they were the only ones used for this purpouse. First exploration attempts found that some of the largest military fact…

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  • Orban Sirgen

    S.C.U.M. Update

    August 7, 2018 by Orban Sirgen

    It is now August 7, and we got our first update in about a year.. I stopped playing a couple months ago due to reasons, but I stayed on as admin of this wiki... As soon as I heard about the update, I had to log in to keep the wiki up-to-date... And this is a major one... The biggest change is right at the top... The Channel Islands, former base of the Bandit faction, has been taken over by the S.C.U.M. gang, who are a lot more aggressive and have already taken over one of TI's settlements... They seem to have an army of drones of various types, along 5 new bosses... Can the gangs of the Wasteland drive back this new menace, or will the entire map be covered in black? Only time will tell... 

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  • VincentN9


    May 10, 2018 by VincentN9

    Hello,  Dawn 2055.  I Joined Dawn 2055 at around November 2016.  I started with my oldest friend  SrHuntorz.   We started during operations at around NPC under the name of the Tusken Raiders(We Starwar fans).  We migrated up the north west, where the wonderful EDG gave us a settlement.   Living the noobie life up there,  around Feburary 2017 we merged with The Reaper's Due,   and formed the mighty Tusken Reapers.  Stuff happened and we ended up in the central of the map.  That's where we grew experiance, land, and numbers.   Around Feburary 2018 the Tusken Reapers Merged into The Lost Souls Sydicate. (with Ruby Ravens, Ka Yama, and Mad Scientist).  Now I control the central of LSS!  


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  • Orban Sirgen

    Dawn 2055

    May 9, 2018 by Orban Sirgen

    Well, here we are on the Dawn 2055 Wiki... I started playing Dawn in February 2017, and I have been active for most of that time... I started out as a member of the Rooks, but they fell apart due to lack of communication between the leader and the rest of us... I then headed to the southeastern corner and founded The Ruby Ravens... We were fairly successful, and gradually expanded to fill most of the east, especially after buying Gamer's Emporium from Phoenix Coalition for 6k bc... About a month ago, 4 of the gangs (Tusken Reapers, The Ruby Ravens, Ka Yama, and Mad Scientist) agreed to merge to form Lost Souls Syndicate, which immediately jumped to the #3 position... I am now level 40 and am in charge of the entire eastern sectors in LSS t…

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