Crafting is a skill that enables the player to craft different items if they have the required skill level, materials and the level of workshop accessed. Higher crafting unlocks more craftable items. Also crafting affects how much materials are needed in order to fix an item or how much materials you get when an item is taken apart.

This skill may be used during certain events.

Crafting can be further increased by +15 by equipping a Designer Notepad, by +10 by equipping a Tool-box, or +5 either by equipping a Wrench or if you have a Traveler as a member of your group.


The Crafting skill also allows the repair of craftable items, at a skill level of 10 below that required to craft the item initially. To repair an item, click on the "Fix" button in your inventory (if the item is equipped, you have to unequip it first).

Craftable ItemsEdit

Different crafting level enables players to craft different items: