Mercenaries are a type of NPC that the player can hire to help him.


  • Mercenaries are hired in Settlements.
  • The availability of the Mercenaries depends on the Bar level of the Settlement.
  • There are three levels of Mercenaries : 1 (100 bc/week), 3 (300 bc/week) and 5 (800 bc/week). For each level, stats increase.
  • Mercenaries cost money! The initial price is for a one-week contract. You can extend a contract in the Stats->Group menu.
  • You can have four Mecenaries max.
  • You can equip Mercenaries with Weapons, Armors and Equipment in the Inventory menu. Note that you can't equip them with Salvaging or Crafting bonus items.


  • To calculate group Speed, Scouting, Survival, Recovery and Combat Strenght average values of all group member skills are used. Player skills are weighted more than mercenaries skills.
  • To calculate group Salvaging, Crafting, Melee, Ranged and Defence Strength, skills of all group members are summed up.


  • Hire Mercs! And hire more Mercs! And better Mercs! Yes, they cost money, but with them, you'll be able to do higher level missions and earn more money! You have to spend money to make money :)
  • From in-game Forum Jodah's post: The maximum percentage the combat efficiency can be improved is determined by balance of suppression and damage characteristics. For the best results player's squad should be balanced in terms of suppression and damage and various weapon types (for 5 group members - 3 weapon types) should be used to avoid a penalty for a maximum teamwork bonus.