A settlement is a Location in Dawn 2055 that can provide a safe place for players to congregate. It also provides a Bar (and with it, Missions), Workshop, Storage, Shop, Guard Barracks and mercenary recruitment. There are two types of settlements: camps and towns.

Building a settlementEdit

When a settlement is first built, it's called an outpost and it has no buildings. A gang must have at least 5 members to build a settlement. The buildings that can be built and upgraded are shop, bar, workshop, defenses, and garage.

All buildings are upgradeable to higher levels. Each level of building upgrade costs more resources than previous levels. Upgrading the settlement from an outpost to a small settlement will allow upgrading all other buildings to level 2. Upgrading will set upkeep time to expire in one week.

Defenses - Each level gives an additional bonus to defense.

Gates - If the settlement gates are closed, only players belonging to the same gang as the settlement can enter it. In addition, a settlement will be displayed as hostile on the map to other players. The settlement can be accessed by anyone if gates are open. If gates are closed the shop is closed as well.

Settlement Upkeep - Settlements require resources and bottle caps to maintain them. Resources for settlement upkeep can be added through settlement management section. The first two upgrades don't require upkeep resources. The more developed a town is, the more resources it requires.

Once resources run out, settlement funds and materials stored in the warehouse will be used to extend upkeep period. If these run out all services except storage will be locked. If resources for settlement maintenance aren't added within one week the settlement will leave the faction and join the bandit faction.

Camps are similar, except they are invisible to anyone not standing in an adjacent square, they do not appear on the global map , and they do not require at least 5 members of the gang in order to be built.

Attacking Settlements Edit

If you are at war with a gang, you can attack their settlements from an adjacent square. Attacking a settlement requires 20 Stamina. Each attack is between all members of the attacking gang in the same square as the attacker against all members of the defending gang in the same square as the settlement whether they are online or not. As mentioned above, the owner of a settlement can improve the defenses by leveling them up. This will improve its resistance against attacks. Every time a settlement is attacked its defenses will be lowered. However they can be repaired in the form of a mission.